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Why Are You Charging More Than Some Other Photogs?

I totally get and understand this question... and I love to answer it because it's important for me to educate my clients :)

So, let's get down to business!

1. You GET MORE FROM ME! I am NOT going to shoot and then hand you a CD... those are obsolete now anyway! That's super impersonal to me, and I choose to run my business in a very personal manner. I feel doing portraits of your family is a personal experience, and should be handled just so! Whether it's family, newborn, maternity, senior... it's a personal time and I try to bring that out in my photographs.

2. I start by meeting EVERY client in person, before even booking! We discuss all the small details, I show you samples, and tell you exactly what to expect from your session. It's the first step to a successful session. I take note of what client likes, and make sure I add in these special touches. We discuss wardrobe, products, and every inch of my price list. My clients are well informed.

3. I am an artist, first and foremost. I strive to create stunning pieces to hang in your homes as artwork, and THAT is why clients come my way. I have an understanding of light, style and posing, giving you timeless memories.

4. That brings me to #4, I produce ARTWORK for my clients. So my clients do not leave with just digital files. NO WAY! I WANT you to hang these in our homes and marvel over them throughout the years. I have all sorts of awesome pieces for you! Canvas, mounted prints, folio boxes, acrylic prints, wooden prints..... just to name a few!

5. I do the work for you! Most people don't know HOW to print gorgeous things... and you shouldn't need to if that's not your job! It's MY job to finish the end goal... I help you select, size and go over all the details with you at the reveal session! And then I take care of it ALL! I do all the editing, and ordering that needs to be done. All you have to do is stop by, pick it all up and hang these GORGEOUS, quality prints in your home. That my friend, is priceless!!

Ready to book??! NOW Is the time to think about Christmas and Fall FAMILY SESSIONS! Beat the rush!!!!!


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