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Why Are You Charging More Than Some Other Photogs?

I totally get and understand this question... and I love to answer it because it's important for me to educate my clients :)

So, let's get down to business!

1. You GET MORE FROM ME! I am NOT going to shoot and then hand you a CD... those are obsolete now anyway! That's super impersonal to me, and I choose to run my business in a very personal manner. I feel doing portraits of your family is a personal experience, and should be handled just so! Whether it's family, newborn, maternity, senior... it's a personal time and I try to bring that out in my photographs.

2. I start by meeting EVERY client in person, before even booking! We discuss all the small details, I show you samples, and tell you exactly what to expect from your session. It's the first step to a successful session. I take note of what client likes, and make sure I add in these special touches. We discuss wardrobe, products, and every inch of my price list. My clients are well informed.