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Ladies Night Out

Yessss! It's Ladies Night Out, ya'll!!

I'm so excited to be opening up my studio to YOU and your BFF's!

Pop up shops will be open... so bring your wallets! Get a jump start on your holiday shopping... or just for you 💕 My boutique will be stocked for you! I have some awesome local vendors setting up as well :)

Ageless Skin Rejuvenation will be onsite offing injectables. Botox will be offered at $11 a unit and Dysport at $10 a unit. Signup are HIGHLY encouraged to save your spot- they always fill up when we do these! Sign here.

My FABULOUS makeup artist will be doing live demos!

Raffles are happening!! I literally cannot wait!!

Snacks and Champagne will be on hand... so bring your best gals and get ready for some FUN!

See you Nov. 1st at the studio!!

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