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Day 6? Maybe I don't even know at this point. I think it's 6 or 7. Isn't crazy how FAST we all had to change our lifestyles? Think about that. Like one month ago, if you were to tell us that we would all be out of work, toilet paper, no food in the grocery store, and all quarantined to our family's house, we would have have laughed! That is something we have seen in movies maybe... but not real life.

I keep wondering every morning when I wake up... like.... is it over? I am going to open up FB and see see that the world is back to normal? Kids back in school? People able to to get what they need at stores? We can all go on as usual?

But then I know that's not probably going to happen. Like they probably didn't find a cure in the middle of the night and now everything is all hunky-doory.

Sigh. This too shall pass.

I feel selfish to complain about not being able to work right now. But I do hate it! I think it's the uncertainty of not knowing. Not knowing when I can reopen. Not know when it is safe for me to be in contact with my babies. Not knowing when I will get paid again. Small business are going to DIE over this. I pray I am not one of them. I'm supposed to renew my lease at the end on this month. I was supposed to expand the studio within that lease and now... not so much. Small price though for the health of my family and clients of course, but still, scary times for those of us small business owners. I still have to pay rent over there each month. I wonder how long this will last?

I'm feeling hopeful though that as this weather is warming up , I CAN still hold my maternity sessions that are scheduled with me, outside!! I just can keep my distance. That is unless things go really bad and we are mandated to stay home completely. Only time will tell, but I do want to share that info with my clients. I have a booked up April and May calendar. So hopefully we can get those in.

As for my newborns, I am just postponing. Hopefully in a few weeks time, all this will lessen up and I can at least start allowing newborns back into the studio. I've shot older babies as "newborns" and sometimes they are just awesome! Sometimes they are my best clients lol. And sometimes they are alert and smiling and adorable, and that's ok too. I know that my clients will just want to capture something beautiful, no matter the stage.

I'd like to thank each and every client and follower I have. I always say that without you, I wouldn't even be doing this! It's sooo true! I will need your support now more than ever! Continue please, to refer and SHARE my posts! It helps soooo much! Join me on IG too! I do a lot of fun things over there :) Try to support your local businesses in this time of need. Doing those simple things means so much to us <3

I wish you ALL good health, and positive attitudes. We can do this! We can come together

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