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Frequently Asked Questions


When is the best time to book a maternity session? And what week do you prefer your clients to be in?

I like to  book them around 12- 15 weeks, to ensure a date on my calendar. I shoot though anywhere between 32-34 weeks, depending on your belly size. You want a nice round belly, but not too close to the end.



What about newborn photos? When should I book?

I prefer to book while in your second trimester. I typically book maternity and newborn at the same time. I book you for your due date and then have you contact me within 24 hours once you deliver the baby. This way I at least know I'm expecting a baby around that date and can schedule accordingly. I do still schedule them even if you didn't book ahead of time, but it is MUCH easier and advisable to do so ahead of time. (Last minute appointments are NOT easy to come by. I typically stay booked out 3 months in advance.)  

Please note ALL sessions come with a private pre-booking consultation done by virtual consultation. 


When do you do your newborn sessions?

I typically shoot right around 8 days old, but anywhere between 7- 12 days is good. It does depend on the size of the baby though... my tiny babies, I usually wait longer. I prefer them to be around 6.5 lbs.  If you have a preemie, it's very normal to wait even up to several weeks.


What do I need to bring for maternity and newborn sessions?

I provide just about everything! For maternity, all the gowns you see featured on my pages are for your use, and I'm constantly adding more! All we ask is that you come with your hair ready... makeup is included in your session fee. I provide a list of undergarments to bring to the studio. 

For newborns, I keep my studio stocked with all the accessories you might need. I have all the newborn clothes, headbands, hats, etc. that you see here. I do make it as easy as possible for you.


Can I make payments?

Unfortunately I no longer offer payment plans. All fees are due the day of your reveal, paid in full. 


I see families included in some of your newborn shots, is that an additional cost?

I love when parents and siblings jump in and NO ADDITIONAL cost! While I do keep my focus on your new baby, I think it's important to celebrate your growing family! The sibling and family parts are usually pretty quick and done at the end of your session. 


How long are your sessions?

Newborn sessions last about 2-3 hours. I leave plenty of time to feed, nurture and pose your baby. I have a workflow that is tried and true, but your baby runs the session! I do give clients a prep guide prior to arriving that helps dramatically. 

Maternity is about 1- 1.5 hours. Plus time for makeup- ~45 mins. 


When will I see images?

All image viewing will take place via zoom. , usually about 1 week  after your session. This is also the time your ordering will take place, so any decision makers should be present with you. The reveal session is oh-so-much-fun!!! 


So.. this Reveal Session.... what can I expect?

This is where you get to see your own amazing images! Yes.. you too will have your own gorgeous photos, just like you see here.. but BETTER.. because they are YOURS!

In the Reveal Session, I show you your gallery proofs and then we will continue to look closer, and choose what images you want to purchase for your own displays in your house! I offer gift prints as well for family and friends. Digital files are still sought after, but clients LOVE having something to display! It's MY job to help you select what you want and order it all for you. I'm providing a better and more intimate experience for my clients by taking the weight off their shoulders. Most clients don't know how or where to print things on their own, and they shouldn't have to! I'm educated on the ordering process and will make it FUN and painless!  Nothing is better than seeing a client in person at their ordering session! 


LET'S TALK NEWBORN SAFETY! Do you work with an assistant?

Yes!!!It is SO important that you hire a newborn photographer that understands newborn SAFETY! This is your BABY after all! This baby that you've waited ages for and is a REAL human being! I think  that gets forgotten about, sadly enough and people just look at cost when hiring a newborn photographer. I have taken workshops with some of the leading newborn photographers in the world and understand baby safety and the importance of using photoshop for editing to get some of these amazing images you see. You should NEVER be in a situation where you don't feel comfortable with what a photographer is doing with your baby. No one should be hanging your baby up in a tree... yes.. that happens! I have an assistant that works with me on all of my newborn sessions, and I edit in photoshop afterwards to get some of my shots. Your baby is THE most important thing when I am working. I never force a baby into a specific pose, where they are clearly not comfortable. There are so many poses that MUST use an extra set of hands and your newborn photographer needs to know which poses they are. Your baby can be put in severe jeopardy if not in the hands of a trusted and knowledgeable photographer. Newborn photographers are their own breed. I have been trained to understand newborn safety and posing for years. I have been an established newborn photographer for over 10 years now. Hiring a photographer that specializes in newborn photography should be top on your list. Sometimes, that means paying a bit more, but there cannot be a price put on that, when it comes to your sweet baby being in trusted hands. I do try  to work with you on payments, to accommodate all budgets :)  PLEASE do not hesitate to ask, as long as you are booking well in advance, we have options. I do believe that EVERYONE should be able to have flawless, SAFE images of their new bundle of joy.

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