2022 Christmas Mini Sessions

PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRELY BEFORE PURCHASING! I'm so thrilled to bring you this year's "Christmas Mini Sessions!" These sessions are are offered twice this year!

November 12th & December 3rd I offer them early, so that we have plenty of time to get images picked out, ordered and in your hands before the holiday season is really in full force! PLUS.... you get to beat the rush of craziness that is Christmas season! You'll have pictures back in time to make cards and gifts.

You are only paying the $99 session fee now when you book. You are expected to choose a package (see below), once you see your proofs, so please budget and choose accordingly. You will see your proofs within 3 days after your session. They will made available for 24 hours and then you must send in payment and your order selections. You will NOT see edited images until you make your selections. Proofing galleries will contain up to 10 images. Once you choose, editing and ordering will begin. Session fee is per family (up to 4 kids) Per family only. No exceptions. So if you are after cousin shots, you must book 2 sessions back to back and must purchase 2 packages. No large family sessions.... so no extended family. Sorry... space and time will not allow that.

Pricing info-

You will have the opportunity to see samples in the studio on shooting day :) I tried to select great things that make awesome gifts! Trust me... grandma really just wants pictures of her grandbabies! Get you holiday shopping dome with me!


I am offering my client wardrobe to you this year. That means, you are welcome to any of my maternity gowns... and NO you do not need to be pregnant to pull them off. We can clip in the back :) I am not providing children's wardrobe, or hubby. So, PLEASE COME READY. You are welcome to scroll my pages and check out all the gowns I offer. You do NOT have to wear one, just offering. And no, you cannot come in prior to to try on.... you just need to choose ahead of time and hope for the best. I have some beautiful pieces. Please if you are going this route, make sure the rest of your family is dressed to the nines. Meaning... they need to match your level of attire. If mom is wearing a beautiful gown, dad and kids cannot be in basketball shorts. 😂 You can see most all dresses on my website and of course, my IG.

If you are doing just the kids, any traditional Christmas outfit will work. The backdrop os gorgeous and posted below. You could even do jammies! I do have some super cute things in my baby boutique as well. See here. There are 2 setups this year-

1- The traditional Christmas drop, for your little ones. This is stunning and pics are attached here. I cannot accommodate families on this drop, so children only.

2- A solid color drop, which you see me use a lot in my sessions. I want these to be full glam, for my "extra" clients. This is where my dresses would be a great choice. These are perfect for classy family pictures (think Kardashian!) I have black, gray, white, and red available. I will be shooting these just like I shoot maternity- but with your whole family.

YES! You can shoot on both- just keep in mind.... you have 20 mins. But, we will work as fast as we can :)

Link to book your time is here- YES BOO BOOK ME!!! Please let me know if you have any questions. I have 2 dates and each date has 10 slots open. These WILL sell out! They do every year!

Thank you again for trusting me with you precious family memories. At the end of it all, that's what we will cherish the most. ❤️

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