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40 & Fabulous

I shared with you guys last week that I turned forty... I was ALWAYS SO afraid of this milestone. My biggest fear is getting older, and life passing by.

My kids are growing up too fast, work is always crazy, day-to-day hustle bustle... you just KNOW it's passing by. So, when 40 rolled around, I vowed to slow it down a bit. And it was like when I woke up that morning, I was a new woman. Are you guys familiar with the movie Office Space? (If not... you SHOULD be.. one of my all time faves!!) Well... it was like that... like I woke up and I had a new feeling on things..... and it's a GOOD feeling. I have to wonder if subconsciously I was WAITING to turn 40. Ever since I can remember... I needed to be the best version of EVERYTHING that I can be. I wear a lot of hats, so that can get REALLY tiring, REALLY fast! Right now though... I'm in a different place. I'm in the place where, where I am THIS minute is good enough for me... and MAN.. that's freakin' FREEING!!!! I HIGHLY recommend getting in this mindset. It's only been a week, lol, but I feel like it's going to stick around! So, for those of you that fear "getting older"... I'm discovering... I think we are just "getting wiser." This "40 club" kinda rocks!

If you are a fellow perfectionist, I challenge you to just try to be content with where you are RIGHT NOW. In this minute. It's an awesome feeling <3

On my 40th bday

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