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This is AWESOME! This is a MONTHLY 60 minute sypke session that is good for 6 months!  So, every month for 6 months, we will chat! I can help see how your business is doing, help with pricing, marketing advise, critiqing, as well as monthly challenges you can do for "homework" to help better your business. 

As always, I will peek at your wprk prior to and crtique. We will talk all things bsuiness, sales, marketing, getting clients, gaining financail success, and whatever else floats your boat! I am HERE FOR YOU! I'm an open book on these sessions! 

Do you need someone to hold you accountable? Help ignite that flame in you? YOU NEED A BUSINESS MENTOR! This is something I do best! I have 12 years in the uindustry, and it wasn't all easy... I put in the work EVERY DAY!!! Now, I run a SIX FIGURE studio, JUST shooting newborns! It IS possoble. Let me help you. 

Monthly Skype Sessions with mj (one time fee for 6 months!!)

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