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Why Choose mj?

mj... there are a ton of newborn photogs in this area... how do I know who to choose?

Well.... that answer will be determined by a couple of things- I'm going to answer it for you like I was looking for a newborn photographer for my own babe...

1. Do not shop on price alone for newborn photos. I get that you have a budget. We all do! BUT.. sooo much goes into to what we do, and some of that stuff is costly! For me, if I was shopping for a tog to document my babies first few moments that I knew were going to FLY by.. I'd be interested to know first.. what is her experience? Will she keep my baby out of harms way? Does she understand posing for safety? I mean.. I waited for so long for this babe.. I need her to stay safe now... I wanna wrap her up in bubble wrap! My photographer needs to portray she knows what the heck she is doing! When you shoot with me, you get my 10+ years of experience. I've handled HUNDREDS of babies, taken workshops from world famous photographers, and that should be seen in my work. I get newborn photography, I just do.

2. Portfolio. Does her style match what I want my pics to look like? When I look at her website, do all her pics consistently look the same? Does she understand light? Is lighting consistent? Style consistent? When you can see consistency.. you KNOW that your images will look that way too. It takes the guess work out of it. For me, as a newborn photographer, what you see is what you get. I do minimal props, keeping focus on your baby. That's my style. Things to look for: Is her editing style what I want? Are the babies consistently edited beautifully? Does she take care of newborn rashes and baby acne? Does she do composite work? And if so, does it look believable, or like baby is floating in the prop? ( I see this waaaaay too much!)

3. Does she have a studio or come to me? For me.. I want to go to a studio as a new parent.. because .... if all her pics are taken in the same place.. they can be more consistent. Consistent lighting, props, everything... I just want to bring my baby. Does she provide everything I need? I don't want to buy and pack up all this stuff before coming in! When you shoot with me... I just need a sleepy baby! Easy. I have EVERYTHING you need in studio :)

4. Does she work with an assistant or helper? This goes back to the safety thing... If I just had a new baby.. I do NOT want to be the photog's helper! I want to relax and watch all the magic happen! As your newborn photographer, I do have a studio assistant. She shoots every newborn with me. My extra set of eyes, hands and ears <3 Keeping your babe safe at all times. She is also my "Toddler Wrangler" she is sooooo good with the older siblings <3

5. What do I get at the end of the session.... Prints? Digitals? CD? USB? Can I get fancy stuff?? When you shoot with me, you have a separate reveal session where we see all of your proofs in person and I help you guys make selections on what to purchase. I offer all the things!! Albums, digital images, prints, canvases, folio boxes, reveal boxes, etc. I can make whatever you want... happen!! I have stuff no one has ever even seen before and these items are all heirloom quality.. I do a lot of research on my products before I choose to have them in the studio :)

6. Ok.... how much will all this cost me? This is seriously the final question I'd ask. Yes.. I get that it's going to be a lot.... everything I just wrote, kinda screams money.. BUT I'll take it! My babe is only this little once. This person is clearly educated, clearly is consistent in styling, lighting, posing, editing. . I love everything she does. I feel confident in her and excited to work with her! I want that box in my life! I need her to just do her thing.. she's the expert here. Does she offer a payment plan though? YES! I do!!!! It helps a lot if you just want ALL THE THINGS! So... I'm going to pay a little more than the other girl I looked at.. BUT I LOVE her work, she's got AMAZING reviews, she's sooo consistent that I just KNOW I will love whatever she shows us! What matters most though, is we will have these images FOREVER! She shoot so classically, that I will always live them, and one day... they will be PRICELESS. No regrets! I'm in!!! Our baby will never be this little again... like.. ever... so let mj do her thing and make the magic and memories happen!

Hope this all helps <3



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