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When Do I Book?

Right now! lol Just kidding! Kinda... :)

I get asked this a lot.. WANT to book you once you hit that second trimester. This is because I shoot DAILY, and only one newborn a day, so my schedule fills up quickly! SOMETIMES I can accommodate babes after birth, but... I often have to turn them down, because there is no room... this makes me sad!!!


Easy... browse through my site and take a look at all the beautiful pics, and info there. There's great info to be found on my website <3 Then just send me a message via the contact form.. that's the FIRST STEP!

I will then send you basic info and see about setting up a consultation, if all sounds good to you! Consults are fast, fun, informative, and FREE! It's the BEST way for you to get to meet me, go over all the nitty gritty details, and hash out any questions or concerns. I love inviting you guys into my studio... it's seriously like my 3rd baby. <3

I typically book clients on the spot at their consult!! Easy peasy.. then... we just wait for you to have your gorgeous baby and you will soon be on your way to creating memories to hang in your home and cherish for all time.

I adore my newborns... this is why I chose to specialize in newborn portraits. It's certainly it's own art, and I have a style that's timeless and true <3

Come on in and chat with me... I'd LOVE to get you on my schedule <3


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