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Sale! For the Month of January!

To get the ball rolling on my 2020 babies, I am offering a SALE on my newborn session fee. Regular session fee is $215. But when you book THIS MONTH (January), you will only pay $150 for your session fee!

Please note A LOT goes in to a newborn session! WAY more than most think! Typically my clients are shocked at what we do in our 2-3 hours in studio. It's a whole workflow we have. I am a perfectionist when working with your little one, and only the gentlest hand is used. I style each session specifically for each client. I shoot based on my clients wants. If I know they are looking for larger wall art, I style something that will blow their socks off. I take in consideration home color palettes, nursery themes, etc. All things I learn from my clients beforehand. I provide everything for your session. All outfits/headbands/props you see are all in my studio for clients use. I am constantly adding to my ever growing collection.