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Sale! For the Month of January!

To get the ball rolling on my 2020 babies, I am offering a SALE on my newborn session fee. Regular session fee is $215. But when you book THIS MONTH (January), you will only pay $150 for your session fee!

Please note A LOT goes in to a newborn session! WAY more than most think! Typically my clients are shocked at what we do in our 2-3 hours in studio. It's a whole workflow we have. I am a perfectionist when working with your little one, and only the gentlest hand is used. I style each session specifically for each client. I shoot based on my clients wants. If I know they are looking for larger wall art, I style something that will blow their socks off. I take in consideration home color palettes, nursery themes, etc. All things I learn from my clients beforehand. I provide everything for your session. All outfits/headbands/props you see are all in my studio for clients use. I am constantly adding to my ever growing collection.

Session fees covers my time working with your baby in the studio. It includes my expertise in all things newborn photography. Lighting, styling, posing, props, editing, etc. Session fee does NOT include any images. I sell artwork; prints, canvases, albums, folios. All unique items tailored to my clients wants and needs. I create stunning pieces for clients that should only be proudly displayed in their homes. I do a good deal of LARGE canvases for clients, custom sizes and designs. I'm all about giving my clients something spectacular. Something that, years from now, will still be prominently displayed in their homes. Timeless pieces.

It's an investment in your family's memories, and years down the road, it's priceless. My custom packages start at 500, but most clients will spend on average around 1000+. I do accept all forms of payment, as well as payment plans. I try to be as flexible as possible with client plans.

So, if you are expecting a baby Jan- May, NOW is the time to book with me....I can only take 2 more January babies. I do keep a full calendar and last minute bookings are hard to accommodate. It's crucial to get on my calendar well before baby arrives. I shoot baby and their family right about 8-10 days in most cases. We get them when they are fresh!

So... what are you waiting for? Let's book your consultation today! It's the first step to creating stunning memories for you and your baby. I'd be honored to document this special time for you. Use the contact form and I will get you all set up. Let's make magic happen!


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