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One Year Packages

I get asked a lot.. and YES! I do offer one year portrait plans! I actually have 2 one year plans <3

The first one is my Watch Me Grow plan- this one is newborn, sitter and 12 months (complete with a cake smash!) This is a super popular plan and MOST of my newborn clients end up taking advantage just because it's lower session fees, and print credit at the reveal :) If they already know they will be coming, it just makes sense.

My second plan is my bigger Grow with Me plan. This plan is newborn, 3 months, sitter, 9 months and one year (complete with a cake smash!) I LOVE this plan.. hits all the milestones! It's crazy how you can really see them grow through the progression of photos!

Each plan has it's own separate reveal session where you choose your prints/images/products.

The cake smash is typically a collaboration between me and mom for theme/color scheme. I make it all come to life! Each session you can do up to 2 outfits and you can even incorporate a fruit bath in one of the sessions! I also allow a family shot at one session in addition to the family pictures done at the newborn session :)

Don't miss out on documenting your babies first year! These milestones don't happen over and over. It's a one time thing! I am so happy that I can help you relive them though through the power of pictures!

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