I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

What if your child could REALLY experience the magic of Santa? An experience with no lines, no 50,00 other people watching on, and get more than 2 minutes with him? What if your child could do more than just sit there on his lap?

Well, that time, is NOW.


The mall, removed. The cheesy props, gone. The long lines, nope. Not here.

I'm SO excited to release info for my Santa sessions!

This is the same Santa I have every year who is the REAL DEAL! Like really... I think he's ACTUALLY SANTA!

This year I asked, and you answered... Santa will be visiting the studio and we will be hosting an experience like never before! Through the the years, I've done various props and themes, but this year will be different and AWESOME! This is an ALL WHITE setup where the focus is set on just your children and the magic of Santa! Based on your feedback.. this is what you guys asked for and I LOVE IT! I'm calling it "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas". This is my favorite way to shoot because it really helps to bring out the innocence in a child. I am not one for a lot of hoopla, and these will be stunning, classic Christmas images to keep for lifetimes. The setup needs to be simple, timeless, but still glittery with the Christmas sparkle.. My Santa shines and so do your kiddos!!

These Limited Edition Sessions are PERFECT for you child! Everyone has their own time picked, so... no waiting in lines at the mall! You get a full 10 minutes with Santa at the studio in a private setting... so just YOUR family.. no one else! (How cool is THAT?)

Your child can talk to him, read a book with him, share their Christmas wishes, eat Christmas cookies with him, and just marvel in his magic! Each child will leave with a small gift, and you will leave with a coupon to come back and see me!!

This is the best way to actually visit with Santa in a no rush/worry free setting. The magic of Santa only lives on for so long in a child's life. Make the best of it! You just cannot get these days back.

Ok... the nitty-gritty!!! P L E A S E R E A D C A R E F U L L Y

These are 10 minute time slots. (You'll see I have 5 mins. to breathe between each one) I have 14 available. I will NOT open more. So, if you KNOW you want Santa (and everyone wants THIS one!) Then you'll want to book NOW!