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5 Tips Every #Girlboss Needs

I LOVE being a Girl Boss and most days.. I ROCK it, other days... I'm just trying to figure it it all out!!! While I am no expert, I've learned A LOT of the years, and I thought it would be fun to share a few tips with you (I'm feeling SUPER inspired right now!) ! Here are my top 5 #girlboss must-do's!

1. Bust your A$$ all day, every day. True story. The minute you stop networking, marketing, being in people's faces... is the moment you lose them. If you are having a really busy time in your work life, that does not mean you can stop marketing yourself. THAT is the time to keep on pushing and upping your game. You will thank yourself later when a slow season arrives.

2. Find a tribe of people that live the same life you do! For me.. I run a IPS Newborn Photography page on FB. These are my people. We have the same business model, we bounce ideas off each other, we learn from one another. I LOVE that I took a leap and built up that page! I have over 400 photogs in that group! I LOVE sharing info with them to inspire them to better their own businesses. Being around other like-minded boss babes in my industry is JUST what I needed. If you are an IPS newborn photographer (or wanting making the leap to IPS) , come join us! Finding your tribe though is true for ANY business. Women are inspired by other women! Find them! They are out there waiting for you <3

3. Re-invent the old. I am ALWAYS thinking of how I can successfully change my images, business, customer service, etc. to be better, newer, fresher.. for my clients. Change is good. Embrace it.

4. ASK FOR HELP!!!! Omg... this is HUGE for growth. Guess what?! YOU cannot do it all. There comes a time when you MUST reach out for others to help you! I'm not a google specialist.. I hire out. I am not an SEO specialist.. I hire out. Social media marketing.. yep...... hire out. I know I take beautiful pictures and edit like a boss... but I also know I can't figure out the ever changing algorithms of FB and IG, THAT'S NOT MY THING!! I got people for that. Any business you have- you'll need HELP! Maybe help around the house, childcare, taxes... you cannot do it all. You will burn out. And I know that you cannot do it all at 100%. I'd rather do half at 100% and have other people do the other half at their 100% :) Ya feel me?!

5. My final bit of advice; Keep pushing. In any business, you will have times where you feel like trowing in the towel. You second guess it all. JUST KEEP MOVING. Success does not happen over night. It's always blood, sweat, and tears. Always. You will make mistakes along the way. LEARN FROM THEM. Never forget what drove you to start your business. FIND that reason WHY?! WHY did you start this business? WHY are you pushing SO DAMN HARD day in and day out? Everything I have built over these last 10 years, has been driven with passion and I always go back to my WHY. What is your WHY???

Thanks for tuning in folks <3



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