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2020 Senior Packages Info!

The Senior year is sooo important and documenting is very necessary... don't just stick them with the drape photo and call it a day! Getting Senior photos done is now EVERYTHING.. and a right of passage! Trust me... I've been doing this long enough to know that ALL of their friends are doing them and they have to the BEST! This is where I come in :) I have been awarded several times for my Senior work by some of the world's leading photographers! I LOVE shooting with seniors!!

I only take on a a handful of seniors, due to my hectic newborn schedule, so it is wise to get with me NOW! All seniors MUST come in for a consult with their parent, where we discuss all the details and sample images/products! All collections do offer printed images as well as digital files for social media sharing... come on.. they wanna POST!!! I shoot seniors July-September, but you will NOT want to wait to book...... even if you want September, you need to be contacting me now :) It's all about booking in advance.

I prefer to think outside the box for location and shooting techniques, giving your senior a unique session to share with their friends and family. When you shoot with me, it's an experience from start to finish. The consult is where we first meet and discuss.. this is important for so many reasons... but it's great for me to learn their personality a bit and start getting them comfortable :) I shoot seniors on location, (usually one we both agree on) and even offer packages with part studio location as well, VERY EXCITED about this, some serious magic can happen with proper lighting in the studio!!!! I love offering seniors new, exciting locations and images! For my ladies, I have a makeup artist waiting for you to book with her, make it a full on glam day!

After we shoot, all seniors and parents are invited back to the studio to view their prints in- person with me where you will make your final selections, during the reveal session! The reveal session is sooo much fun, especially with my seniors. When you can actually SEE that confidence building, it's like no other. You cannot put a price on that.

They've come all this way! All these years of studying, learning, maturing, growing. All these years of smiles, cries, parties, notes (snaps! lol) , friendships... let's go out with a BANG! Session fee for seniors is only $115. My collections starts at 500, however, most will spend $1000+. My packages are amazing this year and I cannot wait to share them with you!! You can even add on video footage!!!! To book your consult, head over to the contact form :)

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